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Academic Eligibility for Fine Arts

Academic success is of the utmost concern, especially for our students who are involved in activities/athletics/performance groups.     The points below outline our commitment to keeping students focused on their studies.
1.  Participants in school activities/athletics must be passing 2.5 credits (each academic class is equal to .50 credits) in order to remain eligible.  Physical Education credits do not count towards the total of 2.5 credits.  Further consequences may be assigned by the director/coach in order to maintain appropriate discipline and morale within an organization.
2.  Directors/coaches must turn in the list of participants to John Novak, Assistant Principal of Student Activities, so the students can be tracked for grades on a weekly basis.  We ask that parents
also make a habit of checking school logic on a regular basis. 
Consequences for weekly failing grades are to be determined.

 3.  Students in the fine and performing arts who are not passing 2.5 credits will be removed from participation in performances, contests and rehearsals.  Students in performance classes that meet for academic credit during the regular school day are not excluded from meeting the requirements of a class.   Students who are in nontraditional academic credit performance classes that meet beyond the regular school day (i.e. showchoir/chamber orchestra, etc.) may be withdrawn from those classes at the discretion of the instructor.   All of the above would be ineligible for IHSA, IMEA, trips and other “extracurricular” performance opportunities.

For further clarification of the above, please contact Kyle
Marquette, Fine & Performing Arts Coordinator at 847-718-4884 or kyle.marquette@d214.org.

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Request to Miss a Performance
30% of the grade for all choir ensembles is based on attendance (see enclosed Grading Policy) at choral concerts as indicated on the Choral CalendarAttendance is mandatory.  Since you will have these dates prior to the start of the school year, only extraordinary excuses will be acceptable. Excuses such as work or appointments are not acceptable since dates are given well enough in advance to avoid conflicts. A Request to Miss Rehearsal form (see attached) must be completed, signed by both parent and student, and turned in two weeks prior to concert.   Blank forms are available in the Choir Office from Ms. Michael/Ms. Langley.  

Request to Miss Rehearsal
40% of the grade for all choir ensembles is based on class participation which includes rehearsals (see enclosed Grading Policy).  From time to time, Ms. Michael will call a special rehearsal prior to a concert.  Attendance is mandatory.  If you must miss rehearsal for an unavoidable conflict, a Request to Miss Rehearsal form (see attached)  must be completed, signed by both parent and student,  and turned in to Ms. Michael prior to the rehearsal.  Excuses such as work or appointments are not acceptable since dates are given well enough in advance to avoid conflicts.  Blank forms are available in the Choir Office from Ms. Michael/Ms. Langley.  This policy is also in effect for the showchoirs as well as Dickens Carolers, Commercial Break, Pulse and Heart & Soul.

Student Accounts
Each choir student has an individual Student Account.  Money earned thru fundraisers is added to this account.  Funds from the account may be used for voice lessons, choir fees, summer camps or any Fine Arts related activity (must be approved by Director).  Student must fill out a Student Account Payment Request form (see attached) and submit it to Ms. Langley.  Blank forms are available in the choir office and on the website.  Student may check balance in his/her Student Account on line or, if you have questions regarding your student account or payments,  email jhhscaps@gmail.com.   You may contact CAPS co-treasurer, Lou-Anne Cronin, at 224-241-6672 or email LouAnneC20@gmail.com.
Download the Guide to Student Accounts

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All choirs have a specified costume which they are expected to wear for all performances.  Each student will have a fitting within the first few weeks of school.    Girls wear long black concert dress (owned by Choir Dept.), 2” black heels and rhinestone earrings (owned by student but, purchased by the Choral Dept. and included in Choir fee). Boys wear black tux, vest and tie (owned by Choir Dept.) and white tux shirt (owned by student but purchased by Choir Dept.).  Black shoes and socks must be worn but are not provided. 


The costume for our first concert,  Middle School Tour  and choir festivals will be the Choir Shirt every student will receive along with a pair of black pants.  The shirt will be purchased by CAPS and the cost is included in your choir fee.  We ask, however,  that you purchase the black pants.  Please make sure the pants are not cargo pants or jeans.  We would prefer they are a classic dress pant, not oversized or cut low.  Both men and ladies will wear pants.   Please make sure you have these pants ready for the Choir Kickoff Concert (Fallapalooza) in October.

Show choirs
will wear designated costumes which they will purchase and own at the end of the school year unless otherwise designated.  Payment is separate from Choir Fee and a payment schedule will be sent home.

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Dickens Carolers
will wear costumes owned by choral dept.   They will be responsible for their own shoes.

Commercial Break, Pulse, Heart & Soul - Costumes to be determined. Cost to be determined.

Choir Fee(s)
Each choir student must pay an annual fee to cover the use of the concert costume (including maintenance and alterations), the purchase of the choir t-shirt worn on the Middle School Tour and other community performances and the choir folder.  In addition, the new choir member fee will include shoes and earrings for the ladies and tux shirt for the men.  The new member fee is $85 and the returning member fee is $50.  Student Account may be used to pay this fee or checks should be made payable to CAPS (due the first week of school).

Payment of choir fees, concert tickets, showchoir costume fees, etc. may be made by the following.  (1)  You may pay by check made payable to CAPS.  Please make separate check for each fee being paid (ie do not include costume fee with concert tickets).  (2) You may pay in cash.  If possible, please send exact amount as it is difficult and time-consuming to have to make change.  Payment of check or cash should be placed in an envelope with the student name and choir on the outside of the envelope as well as what the payment covers.  (3) Student may also use his/her Student Account for payment by completing the above mentioned form.

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Private Teachers
We have private voice teachers on staff.    Students may take private lessons during one half their choir period once a week.   Lessons are 25 minutes at a cost of $24 per lesson paid to the individual teachers.  Payment may be made by check to the individual teacher, cash or thru the Student Account.  The teachers will make a presentation during the first week of school at which time students can sign up for lessons.  Students are urged to take private lessons if at all possible. Chamber Singers are required to take private lessons.   
Private Lesson Agreement Form
Bios of Private Teachers

Choral Association of Parents & Students  (cap+s) is our parent booster group.  All families are asked to become members to show support of the choral program.  See enclosed form for fees.  The group meets on the second Tuesday of every month (see Fine Arts Calendar) at 7:00 PM in the Faculty Lounge.  All parents are urged to attend all meetings and become involved.  It’s a great place to get information first hand as Ms. Michael/Ms. Langley attend each meeting.  The need for parent volunteers doesn’t end in Junior High.  The work of this group benefits each student and has a major impact on the opportunities we are able to provide for our students.  For further information, contact cap+s president Tim Martin (847-255-4268) or via email at timothy.a.martin218@gmail.com

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We provide several fundraisers during the year which give opportunities to students to earn funds for their Student Accounts.  In most cases, Students earn 30-50% of the profit for their account.  Each month, we have a MANNA sale (see below for explanation), in October will hold a Mattress Sale and in November we have a Cookie Dough Sale in time for Thanksgiving delivery.

Cap+s has two main fundraisers that benefit the Student Accounts we well as the choral program as a whole.  The first is our Fashion Show on November 6th at which our choral students, parents and staff model fashions from local stores as well as provide vocal entertainment.  We  also hold a silent auction and raffle that afternoon.  It is a wonderful family event you won’t want to miss.

The second event is the 23rd Annual Chicagoland Showcase on March 4 and 5, 2016 which is a showchoir competition to which middle and high school showchoirs from all over the country come to compete.  Last year we had a high school from Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin bring two groups. In previous years, we have had schools from as far away as California, Mississippi and Alabama attend. It truly is a nationally recognized competition and an amazing day where every parent and student is expected to volunteer. 

There are many opportunities connected with the above fundraisers for students to raise funds for their Student Accounts.

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What is MANNA?

The CAPS MANNA program is a great opportunity to raise money to support CAPS efforts while you also earn dollars for your student’s account.  The MANNA program was designed to benefit organizations at no extra cost to the participating families.  This program is offered during the school year and can be a great opportunity for your student to earn money to their student account on a monthly basis.

Store gift cards and certificates are offered to the organization at a discounted rate.  The discounts offered range from 3% to 25%. CAPS  sell the gift certificates to CAPS families at the full face value and make a profit that will be split with you.  The certificates or cards are used just like cash.  When doing weekly shopping, purchasing gifts, or in some cases paying charge cards, simply use gift certificates.  They can be used for all your weekly expenses from groceries to home improvement items.  These are the same certificates you would purchase directly from the participating stores to give as a gift or for your own personal use.

Order forms will be posted on the choir website each month.  Fill out the form, attach your check made payable to CAPS in the full amount of the total of your certificates.  Do not subtract the discount.  Put the order/check in an envelope labeled with your student's name and “CAPS MANNA ORDER” and drop off in the choral office.  The order due date will be the 1st Thursday of each month.  Certificates will be delivered on the following Tuesday.    The order form will also include choir of pickup or release of certificates to your student to bring home.

All moneys earned will be split 70% to your student’s account and 30% to CAPS after the MANNA service fee is deducted.  Funds earned in the student account can be used for choir fees, showchoir fees, private voice lessons, trip expenses and other choral related expenses.

See website for a more detailed explanation of the benefit of this program.  Additional information, special vendor information and restrictions can be viewed at www.Mannagroup.net or by contacting our Manna Chairperson, Cindy Berigan, at 847-253-3250 or email CAPSmanna@gmail.com

Please click HERE to go to our Manna! page to get all the info.

You can also access the order form HERE.

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Examples of  the use of the funds CAPS has raised include the purchase of a grand piano for the choir room, pianos for the private voice studios, scholarships for summer camps, CD burner, sound system to use when choirs perform in community, purchase of new choral costumes as needed, choral risers, transportation for choirs going to festivals, additional accompanist fees, clinician fees, professional musicians to accompanying the choir, newsletter/announcement mailings, concert expenses, student awards, students scholarships for summer camps and financial need etc.  CAPS makes every effort thru our fundraising to enhance the choir experience for your son or daughter.

Financial Need
No student who has financial need will be prohibited from participating in choir or showchoir.   CAPS has financial aid scholarship opportunities available.  The criteria is outlined in the letter/application form.  The criteria must be met in order for payment to be made.  This scholarship is held in strict confidence.   The application form is available from Ms. Langley.  Application must be made prior to the beginning of the payment cycle.

Service points/Varsity Letters
We encourage students to participate fully in the choir program.  We value and recognize their contribution by awarding service letters and additional bars/stars.   We offer many events and opportunities for students to earn choral service points which go toward the goal of earning a service letter or the additional service stars.  Attached is a copy of the form which we keep on file for each student during their four years in the choir program.  Points earned each year are brought forward and apply to the required number needed to earn the service letter or additional bars/stars.  Please encourage your students to be active members of the choir program in all aspects.

Call The Choir Office at (847) 718-4942 or email:
Ms. Michael: mizz@herseychoir.com
Ms. Langley: momma@herseychoir.com

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